What is digital marketing?

The implementation of marketing strategies and technologies across digital platforms is precisely known as digital marketing. Digital marketing mostly targets the internet but mobile phones, display advertising, and any other relevant digital forum come under the category of digital marketing medium. It is one of the most recent and fastest growing types of marketing across the world and people and businesses are now switching to digital media from the conventional old-school marketing ways. Businesses on both small and large scales are extensively adopting digital marketing strategies to market and advertise their products or services much more effectively.

How to do digital marketing?

If you are someone who wants to pursue your career in digital marketing, it is only fair that you first understand the basics of this glorious field. Most of the times people associate digital marketing with social media only, whereas in reality there is much more than social media in this field. There are seven major categories of digital marketing which includes

  • Search engine optimization – SEO
  • Search engine marketing – SEM
  • Pay per click – PPC
  • Social media marketing – SMM
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

To become a digital marketer you will first have to narrow down your option and start with one category at a time. It is important to choose one category only in the beginning so that you can easily learn and then eventually expand your work.

All the mentioned categories have their own importance and impact on marketing. You can simply not say that one is any less important than the other. However, the most commonly used categories are SEO and SMM. SMM specifically is one of the best and easiest categories for small scale businesses, while SEO is more for the brands who have properly built websites. Similarly rest of the categories are quite important and impactful as well. As a digital marketer, you are never restricted to any single category and you can always expand your work to other branches.

What is digital marketing strategy?

In the field of digital marketing, you must have heard the term ‘digital marketing strategy’ several times. Ever wondered what exactly it is? A digital marketing strategy is basically the plan of actions you will be implementing your digital marketing work to derive results and get sale conversions. The strategy is planned for a specific time, let’s suppose, a week, 15 days, or a month. All the posts or the actions that you have to take are pre-planned for that course of time.